[October 7 – December 16, 2018], International Exhibition ONE NORTHEAST, dedicated to the transcultural position of Vladivostok in Northeast Asia, curated by Mi Yu and Binna Choi.ZARYA Center for Contemporary Art, Vladivostok
Using modern technology, the Hero4Hero group becomes a guide to the world of sensations and images of the territory, actualizes the memory of the place to attract attention to its cultural layers. The authors create a magical rite, they mix the symbols of the past, present and even future, involve the viewer in the ritual of reunification with the territory, where he becomes the main character.

The artists offer the viewer to de-colonize the perception of the region, to get out of the role of the colonizer and feel like an aborigine, who do not conquer the territory, but who develops it. He should feel rooted in the place of residence, not in the temporary and forced stay here.

The Hero4Hero group explores the mythological reality of Primorsky Krai and acts as a mediator in the restoration of human connection with the place of his residence through the tools of contemporary art.

SHAMAN SELFIE project is based on the religious logic in the Pacific Islands. The artists build your magic ritual, starting from magic of similarity (sympathetic magic) and cargo cult.

Melanesia natives, who first time was faced with people of Western civilization in the mid-20th century, were amazed by the incredible abundance that accompanied them. They saw how the American militaries got things and food by air — directly from the country of their Ancestors. This led to the idea that the goods was intended for islanders but the militaries always intercepted them. Then the aborigines decided that it is necessary to repeat the actions of the military to get such benefits — better life.

Followers of cargo cult create "exact copy" of airstrips, airports and radio towers from the coconut trees and straw. They believe that these works will attract transport aircraft (the messengers of the spirits), filled with cargo. Believers regularly conduct drill and some semblance of military marches, using branches instead of rifles and drawing on the body the inscription "USA".

The Hero4Hero group develops their idea and reproduces objects of beliefs, signs, symbols and ornaments of Primorsky Krai natives with the help of augmented reality technology, 3D scanning and printing.

SHAMAN SELFIE installation consists of a carpet and totem and involves the inclusion of the viewer in a magical ritual created by artists.

Since ancient times, the carpet is included in the ritual of home protection and at the same time rest and hospitality. There is the anchor object with key modern and archaic symbols (codes of the research territory) in the installation.

The carpet also acts as a marker, launching augmented reality. Using the instructions and a special application, the viewer can see a video art — ritual of interaction with the territory.

Totem is the object at the same time protecting and attracting. Its task is to protect the borders of territory, to designate the ways, directions.

The spectator starts the ritual of interaction with the codes of the territory through fixation of himself against the background of symbols, signs and cultural layers of the place (in the form of a carpet), relying (in a literal sense) on the culture of the aborigines (in the form of a totem). He becomes involved, making crop of cultural code, i.e. placing selfies on networks. Voluntariness of participation is the key moment in the rite of acquiring communication with territory.

Based on the laws of Clark and adapting cargo cult, artists use the technique of enhanced action, combining in his installation of ancient and ultra-technological, magic and technology, taking a step into the impossible, in anticipation of effective interaction of man and territory — his place of residence.

Clark's Laws
There were three laws were formulated by the famous English science fiction writer and futurist Arthur C. Clarke.

● When a respected but elderly scientist claims that something is possible, he is almost certainly right, when he claims that something is impossible — he is very likely wrong.
● The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to dare to take a step into the impossible.
● Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

The territory totem through modern AR magic