Dates: 22 of February – 25 of March 2018
Adress: MMOMA, 10, Gogol-boulevard, Moscow
Curator of the Young Art Support Program: Daria Kamishnikiva
Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Center for Contemporary Art "ZARYA" (Vladivostok) present the
exhibition of the Hero4Hero group.

In frame of the exhibition space the artists present their reflection on topic of human interaction with planetary and cosmic.

Research project MANNA is the artistic reaction to the fall of Sikhote-Alin meteorite, one of the ten biggest meteorites of the world, which was called after the name of mountains, where it fell down as iron rain in 1947 in Primorsky krai. Using the real meteorite in the installations and addressing to its image as the messenger of the Cosmos, authors remind us about the fragility of the human world and the planet as whole, they regard "heaven's stone" as tangible evidence of cosmogeological process.

Exposition makes visitors enter step by step first into the reflection about the fact of extraterrestrial object arrival, further about its presence in the people's life, and finally it attaches the visitors to the
"vertical" and not "flat" perception of the surrounding world, it makes the extent of Human to face the
extent of Cosmos.

Using different media, the authors immerse the visitors in the special atmosphere, change the nvisible into observed images and create the effect of co-presence on human and non-human, terrestrial and cosmic in one place and in the experience of one observation.

The visitors invite in the world of Ussuri taiga, where the meteorite shower took place, where
behind the thin line of tangible it is possible to see and feel evidence of intangible presence of cosmic
manifestation. Changing just a little bit the observer optics and focus of attention, the artists suggest the visitors an individual contact with extraterrestrial and sensual experience of cosmic presence. Using the augmented reality technology, the visitors with help of their mobile phones can see images with the eyes the local habitant of the village, and feel by themselves the influence of the extraterrestrial presence on the people's life.

In the last room of the exposition Hero4Hero presents video art about the expedition to the place of Sikhote-Alin meteorite fall in December of 2017, 7 kilometers away from the village Meteoritniy. This village is the inhabited locality with degraded economy, where the habitants are living thanks to hunting and gathering, somehow went back to the primitive way of life. Exhausting search for and finding of the meteorites in Ussuri taiga is the hope and the last chance for them to become reach and change their lives to good. Keeping those facts in the focus of their research but not emphasizing on it, the artists create in the exposition the atmosphere which allows to feel the presence of extraterrestrial, to look at the people's problems from position of the cosmic extent.

Project team
Roman Ivanishchev (author)
Ksenia Frolova (author)
Vitaliy Berkov (photographer)
Nikita Bernadskiy (photographer)
Dina Belenko (photographer)
Vera Koroleva (graphic arts)
Tatiana Kondrashina (designer)
Alexey Zvonkov (operator, camera)
Olesya Rostovskaya (composer, musician)
The first project about anthropo-cosmic communications was shown by H4H at the IX VLADIVOSTOK INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE OF VISUAL ARTS (VIBVA) in 2017, where Xiang Liping (项丽萍) was the curator of the main program.

Is not like you reflection project was presented as act of social interaction with the viewers, who was offered to feel like the inhabitants of the planet Earth for a while – to be united as a single community before the face of the Endless universe and forget about national, gender and religious differences. The audience could look at Sikhote-Alinsky meteorites and sit on special chairs for earthlings.

In 2017 H4H paid attention to the economic situation in the Meteorite settlement, where the group collected data for its future research. This place is situated 7 kilometers where Sikhote-Alinsky meteorite fell down as iron rain in 1947.

The villagers perceive a fallen meteorite as an object for extraction of food. Meteorite is not a scientific, cultural or mythical object for them; neither is it a tourist attraction, but rather an object of accidental trade. People in the village live with help of meteorite, to some extent they are supported by nature and the outer space.

This research H4H presented in Garage Weekend Faculty led by Arseny Zhilyaev in Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow in autumn 2017.
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